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So you want to Buy a Home:


Make a list of what you need and want in a home:

Start your search by making a list of what is important for you and your family in a new home. How many bedrooms and baths do you want? Is it important that you be in an urban walking environment or is a suburban or rural setting more your style.  Is a top-notch school system a driving factor in your home search?  What amenities do you want in your home and neighborhood?  Once you've made your list, prioritize it. You may not be able to get everything on your wish list, so it's important to know what is a high priority and what would be nice but not a deal breaker.


Find your agent:  

Find a good agent to work with...  Us!  We strive to make your home search a fun and pleasurable experience.  We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process.  We stay on top of market trends and conditions so we can offer you up to date advice.  We will help you analyze your wants and needs to find you a home that best meets those criteria.  Our team works tirelessly in the pursuit of our clients needs.  We would be honored to work with you.


Get pre-qualified for a loan:  

No one wants to waste time looking at properties you can not afford, and may give you unrealistic expectations. Once you know your budget that will help you refine the search criteria on your list.  It also gives you an advantage when you find the property that is right for you.  You are ready to make your offer with confidence and the backing of a lender.  If you wind up choosing a home with multiple offers, this could be all it takes to make you the most attractive offer in the bunch.  We have several people we work with for pre-qualifications so please contact us so we can help.


Find your home:

Our team will guide you in your search for the right home for you and your family. Once we have found the right property for you we help you make the right offer at the right price to secure you your new home.  Market forces can be tricky.  We stay on top of them so we can best represent you in any transaction.  The main components of your deal are the offer or price you are willing to pay, the terms of the deal and the contingencies you will put in place which state the events that need to take place to fulfill the contract and allow you out of the deal if you discover any hidden problems with the home when you do your due diligence.


Your offer has been accepted.

It's time for due diligence: Now that your offer has been accepted you need to preform due diligence.  You want to know what you're actually getting in this home.  We will guide you through the home inspection process, and help correct any deficiencies that might be found in the property.  We have a network of professionals to address any issues that may arise.  We will negotiate with the seller to correct any problems and/or provide you with a credit to fix the issue.  If there are extensive issues discovered and you decide this is not the house for you, no problem we can cancel the contract at this point and continue your search.  


Close on your new home:

Once your due diligence is complete and all the terms and contingencies have been met it's time to close. We will guide you through the process and paperwork.  We will keep in contact with your lender and make sure that everything is completed properly and on time.  The final step is a walk-thru of the home, and signing of the final documents.  This is when you get the keys to your new home and it's time for congratulations, because you are a homeowner!

Superior Service


Superior Results

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